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Friday, September 11

FRIDAY FOLDER: September 11

Highlights of the Week:
Historic Anaheim Campus
 Anaheim Hills Campus
North Tustin Campus

Contributed by Rebecca Stokes, Fairmont Private Schools

Friday, September 4

FRIDAY FOLDER: September 4

Weekly Highlights:

Historic Anaheim Campus

 Anaheim Hills Campus

North Tustin Campus 

Contributed by Rebecca Stokes, Fairmont Private Schools

Friday, August 21

NEWSLETTER: August 21, 2015 Director's Message

Welcome Back
Many thanks for a fantastic start to our school year. As always, you are a spectacular group of parents. Our students are coming to school each day with smiles and an eagerness to learn. Our wonderful teachers are thrilled to begin a new year with all of its excitement and adventures.

Carole Calabria
Historic Anaheim Campus Director

NEWSLETTER: August 21, 2015 News & Annoucements

Improved Newsletter Layout & Design
Just as our campuses have been polished and refreshed for the new school year, so, too, have our weekly newsletters. We’ve simplified the layout for easier navigation and incorporated a more modern design. At the top, you’ll find a “Photo of the Week,” as well as a side navigation bar pointing you to each section of the newsletter, as well as our social media sites. New sections may appear from week to week, including “Early Childhood Education,” which shows off the progress of our youngest students, “Husky Highlight” featuring exciting, relevant Fairmont Prep news, and “Director’s Message” from your Campus Director or other administrators. Each section includes a “Read More” link - just in case they happen to “go long.”
You will still find links to monthly lunch menus, campus calendars, athletic schedules and results, blog posts, pins of the week, and campus videos. Lastly, as we know, everyone loves photos of their students in action. We’ve created a Photo Gallery along the bottom of the newsletter, featuring links to the three most recent school events we’ve shared via Facebook and Flickr.
Of course, for the most recent photos, news, and information on all things Fairmont, visit or and “follow,” “like,” and “subscribe” to our official Fairmont Private Schools social media pages.
Hope you enjoy the changes. Have a wonderful new school year!

Afterschool Pick Up Changes
There will no longer be a pickup area by the fifth and sixth grade classrooms. All fifth graders will be picked up on the grassy area on the north side of the street. All sixth graders with brothers and sisters will be picked up on the grassy area on the north side of the street as well. All sixth graders without siblings will be picked up on the south side of the street by the pool.

New Afterschool Sign Out Procedures
In an effort to minimize disruption to the students in Homework Club and to make the time in Homework Club as productive as possible, we will now have a sign out table located inside the gate by the library entrance. Upon arrival to school to pick up your student, please go to the table and a Student Services member will call Homework Club to call for your student. The Homework Club teacher will send your student and his/her belongings to meet you at the pick up table. This table will remain in this location until 5:30pm for parents picking up students on extended day. After 5:30pm, please go through the front office to pick up your student.

August Lunch Menus

NEWSLETTER: August 21, 2015 Welcome Back, Students!

Welcome back! It was an exciting summer at the Historic Anaheim Campus with construction projects, the arrival of new textbooks, summer school, and our Surf's Up summer camp! We are very excited to have all of our students back enjoying their lunches, playing on the playground, walking to and from exciting classes, and checking out books from the library.

We would also like to invite you to our Parent Night on Wednesday, August 26th. Our specialty teachers will be available for a meet and greet from 6:00pm to 6:20pm in front of the Junior High building. From 6:25pm to 7:45pm all parents are invited to hear their child's teacher present in the classroom. Junior High parents will follow their child's class schedule during this time.

Contributed by Fairmont Private Schools, Historic Anaheim Campus

FRIDAY FOLDER: august 21

First Day of School at the Fairmont Campuses

To view more First Day photos, visit Fairmont Flickr!

Contributed by Rebecca Stokes, Fairmont Private Schools