Monday, January 4

A to Z: 10 Twitter Accounts for Young Adults

Today’s world has put immense value on connectivity and instant knowledge. Studies show that most Americans turn to social media for their source of news and information. If your student has begun to engage in social media, suggest some educational, yet fun, Twitter accounts for your junior high student to follow:

Dedicated to putting interesting articles about science in followers’ newsfeeds, New Scientist tweets articles about things like “What happens if a black hole turns white?” or “Four new elements have been added to the periodic table - What next?”

From humble beginnings as a family project, Kid President focuses on kids and their ideas for creating a better world. With humorous and touching videos, tweets, and blog posts, Kid President is an upstanding addition to any kid’s - or adult’s - Twitter feed because of its positive and encouraging messages.  

By putting famous pieces of art on Twitter, followers are able to discover exhibits and learn about art collections from museums across the globe. With an #ArtworkOfTheDay post, your student’s feed will be infused with important pieces of cultural history.  

NASA keeps an updated and well-curated Twitter account, complete with videos and articles about space technology, what’s happening aboard the International Space Station, conversations with astronauts, images from space, and so much more! NASA’s Twitter account also exposes followers to a wealth of NASA-related personnel and education resources, such as @space_station, @CassiniSaturn, @NASA_Technology, @astro_tim, and many more.
Supported by the Mathematical Sciences Research Institutes, Numberphile is constantly creating and posting fun, short videos on the subjects of math and science. With content geared towards young adults who express a love of numbers, professors of physics and mathematics from Harvard to the University of London gather online to explain topics and divulge tips to knowledge-hungry students.
Focused on educating young adults about the importance of the Earth, MinuteEarth’s Twitter account includes videos and articles about recycling, geography, weather, biology, and more.
An extension of MinuteEarth, with the Twitter handle @minutephysics, Henry Reich runs both accounts and creates accompanying videos to explain scientific concepts like kinetic energy, gravity, molecules, space travel, and more. Reich holds a Master’s Degree in theoretical physics.

For a dose of kid-friendly current events, TIME for Kids is a great resource for students to learn and engage with the world and culture around them. With topics ranging from the endangered species list to world politics, TIME for Kids provides a great additions to students’ feeds with captivating photos, videos, and articles.

An extension of Penguin Books USA, book lovers will get a kick out of scrolling through posts about the newest young adult fiction books. With lists, polls, synopses, quotes, and more, students who enjoy reading can engage with literary-centric content and discover more authors and books.
A well-curated account for any gearhead, young or old, Popular Mechanics is chock-full of fascinating videos and pictures of cool advancements in technology, science, aerospace, and transportation. Almost anything with gears and a motor has, or will be, featured on their account.

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Contributed by Rebecca Stokes, Fairmont Private Schools
Image by Dan Bubany Golf

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