Wednesday, December 16

FAIRMONT FIVE: Easy, Peasy Christmas Party Games

Spice up Christmas gatherings by organizing a few of these effortless party games that guests of all ages can participate in!

  1. Christmas Carol Charades - Divide guests into teams and act out the lyrics of your favorite carols.

  1. Christmas Movie Trivia - Create questions and group guests into teams to test their knowledge of popular holiday movies.

  1. Who Am I - Tape a card with a famous Christmas character onto each guest’s back. Have a question and answer session later in the evening, allowing people guess who they are.

  1. Elf on the Shelf Hunt - Hide the elf and reveal one clue about the elf’s location every hour until the elf is found.

  1. Christmas BINGO - Create a BINGO card for each guest using specific items or decorations already placed around the areas of your house where guests will frequent.

Reward party game winners with small gifts, such as gift cards, speciality candies, Christmas tree ornaments, scented candles, and small toys for the kids! For an added bonus, set out some Christmas-themed photo props and a selfie stick for guests to create great impromptu memories!   

Contributed by Rebecca Stokes, Fairmont Private Schools
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