Friday, April 17


Highlights of the week:

Jack T. and Alisha H. pilot their canoe for Mrs. Paraiso's homeroom.

For the win!

Miss Harris/Mrs. Riley's Homeroom celebrate winning this year's Spirit Week!
Junior High Spirit Week

Junior high students look forward to the fun and excitement of Spirit Week held the week before spring break. Following a "Game On!" theme, students competed to earn points for their homeroom teams.  For example, on "Video Game Day," students dressed up as video game characters and played the video game Jeopardy during lunchtime. 

The week ended with Homeroom Olympics as each homeroom team built a canoe using only cardboard and duct tape for a Boat Regatta. Each class worked diligently to produce a canoe that was able to stay afloat as students paddled around the campus pool. 

Before launching the canoes, teams paraded around campus shouting their rallying cries for victory.  At the pool, teams took turns paddling their canoes around the pool and popping balloons along the course. After each lap, an additional student was added until the canoe was no longer able to stay afloat. The more laps the boat was able to make, the more points the team would earn! In the end, Mr. Briner's homeroom was the victor of the Boat Regatta.
Following a barbecue lunch, students participated in several fun games such as the human version of the board game Hungry, Hungry, Hippos; a relay race; a ping pong ball bounce; and a pasta noodle stack challenge. After all the dust had settled and the points tabulated, Mrs. Riley's homeroom (captained by Miss Jesslynn Harris) was declared the Spirit Week Champions!

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