Tuesday, March 10

CHALK TALK: The Value of Grandparents

While taking a young granddaughter to the zoo, a grandmother affectionately imparts lessons about the importance of education and hard work. In a similar setting, a grandson learns from his grandfather about how his grandparents endured to build a life and legacy for their children in the U.S.  These lessons and stories are invaluable for children.

Passed down like family possessions, they provide children with cultural pride, security, and a sense of identity.  Some believe that the relationship between children and their grandparents is only second in importance to that between a child and their parents. Here are a few of the many reasons why grandparents are more important than ever: 
  • ·      Grandparents Make a Difference in their Grandchildren’s Lives
Involved grandparents make a big difference in the lives of their grandchildren. Some grandparents see their grandchildren at least once a week. Some grandparents help teach their children to read, write, and spell. Others influence their grandchildren’s imagination by taking them to museums, plays, and concerts. For example, what better way for a child to spend an afternoon than by taking a stroll with a grandparent in the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History! Exploring the museum and learning about dinosaurs and our natural world can leave a lasting impression on a child. It can open a door for a possible future in archaeology or anthropology! This time and care contributes to happier and healthier grandchildren.  
  • ·      Grandparents Have Valuable Experience
When you think about it - who could better provide advice and help in raising children than someone who has many years of experience? Grandparents put their past parenting experience to use in their interactions with grandchildren. They can influence the lives of their grandchildren with values and behaviors. The advice, stories, and lessons imparted to them leave a lasting impression, one that will hopefully have a positive influence and be passed on again and again to future generations.

At the end of the day, the saying rings true, it really “takes a village to raise a child.” What better way to raise your child than with the support and unconditional love from grandparents!

Contributed by Natasha, Fairmont Private Schools

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