Thursday, February 5

HOW TO: Helping Students Prepare for the Next Grade

Having a daily routine of reading, writing, and practicing math facts at home significantly helps a child prepare for the next grade level. Here are some recommendations for parents to help their children confidently make the transition.

-Encourage your child to read books that appeal to his/her interests. For children who cannot yet read on their own, being read to aloud by an adult or older sibling is a wonderful way to finish a busy day.
-Talk positively about math with younger children and provide examples how addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are tools for solving everyday problems. Explain how math helps figure out the cost of going out for lunch, save money for purchasing a toy, and determine the cost of groceries during a trip to the market.
-Accelerated Math (AM): For older children who have a strong grasp of their basic math facts, AM is a great way for expanding their mastery of mathematics.  It enables them to review a variety of math topics in order to remain current.
-Writing is an accrued skill. Steady practice results in better writing. Parents can help their younger children foster a love for writing by encouraging them to write in a journal every day. Keeping these journal entries will help track the progression of writing skills over time.

Along with assisting in practicing academic skills, it’s equally important for parents to remember that encouragement and assurance go a long way to helping their children prepare for the next grade level.  

Contributed by Doug Fleischli, Fairmont Private Schools
Image from Scholastic 

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