Wednesday, March 26

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Sometimes it's a familiar smell or taste that brings back a treasured memory.  Sometimes it's a photograph, note or drawing.  Yesterday it was a book. 

I came across a stack of books I remember from my childhood. Books like Danny and the Dinosaur by Syd Hoff and Little Bear by Else Minarik, with illustrations from the late, great Maurice Sendak.  The memories came rushing back!  

The ability to read, to read well, and, ultimately, to read for pleasure is one of the greatest gifts we can give our children.  It will help them succeed in school and in any chosen profession. And it will open worlds of thought and feeling to them as they mature into grown-up human beings.

What I loved about my "I Can Read" book find is that these little gems of literacy are accessible to children just learning to read.  The stories go well beyond those boring basal readers we all remember from kindergarten and the vintage illustrations are delightful.

Maybe you have some old childhood books stashed away in your closet, garage or attic. If not, hit up your local thrift store or log-on to Etsy and search for vintage children's books. Sharing your favorite books from childhood reminds your children that you were little once. You had to memorize your sight words and "sound-out" just like them. You struggled along sometimes, but, over time, you got better and better.

It's gratifying to reminisce and it helps us connect with our kids...who are growing up faster than spring weeds!  Hopefully this post inspires you to make time to share your childhood learning-to-read memories with your own children.

Image credit: Annie's Book Corner
Contributed by: Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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