Monday, December 23

FAIRMONT FIVE holiday hygge

In spite of the bitter cold and only six hours of daylight in the winter, the people of Denmark are some of the happiest and most prosperous on the planet.  One reason may be their appreciation of hygge (hue-gah) a word which is tough to translate but loosely refers to a feeling of warmth, coziness and togetherness.  Danes create hygge by burning fires and candles throughout the winter, cuddling with loved ones under warm blankets, and making time to connect with friends and family over coffee or simple meals.  

Here in America, we talk about “unplugging” and “being present”—something that is nearly impossible when we are busily preparing for holiday celebrations.  It can be so hard to make time for the simple things, but it’s so important.  Our children will forget the fabulous meals and expensive gifts, but they will remember the time they spent with you.  

This winter break, create some hygge at your home by:
  1. Enjoying a cup of warm cocoa with your child
  2. Playing puzzles or blocks near a warm fire
  3. Watching a favorite family movie together
  4. Staying in your pajamas and making pancakes together
  5. Building an indoor fort and telling stories past bedtime

Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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