Monday, November 4

FAIRMONT FIVE rainy day playdates

I think everyone loves fall. You pull out all of the warm sweaters and boots.  You cuddle up under cozy blankets.  And EVERYTHING is pumpkin flavored!  It also means being a little more creative for playdates because fall can also mean rain. But don't worry, plenty of fun can be had indoors! Here are 5 playdate ideas when rain is threatening:
  1. Build a blanket fort. Whether you're 4 or 14 fort building is always fun. Give kids full access to all blankets, chairs, tables, etc. that will be needed for their forts. Building is most of the fun but snack time in the fort is great too.
  2. Balloon swatting. For those of us with young boys who have lots of energy, balloon swatting is the perfect solution. Blow up a handful of balloons or let the kids do it themselves. Give them some boundaries and then just let them get all of that energy out keeping the balloons off the floor!
  3. Bake cookies. Baking a sweet treat on a cool, rainy day fills the house with wonderful smells and keeps little ones busy. Let the kids help out with measuring, mixing and licking the spoon!
  4. Walking in the rain. Put on your rain gear and grab an umbrella because kids love walking and splashing in the rain. Go on a walk down the street or just let the kids play in the backyard with their rain gear on. 
  5. Go to the library. If the kids are getting stir crazy then just head to the library. Check your local library's calendar and you can find different story times and fun activities geared for different age groups. Or just let the kids choose a few books and get cozy in a chair.
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Contributed by: Darcy, Fairmont Private Schools

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