Wednesday, September 4

FAIRMONT FIVE celebrating grandparents day

Grandparent's Day is coming up this Sunday!  Don't let it pass by without giving your kids the opportunity to show their grandparents how much they love them. For a grandparent, just spending time with their grandchildren is special, but it never hurts to sweeten the deal a bit. Here are some of our suggestions for celebrating Grandparents Day.
  1. Create a family tree together. Have your child interview their grandparents about their siblings and parents. Use photos to make the tree come alive. 
  2. Compile a CD or playlist of songs from their youth. Add some of your child's favorite songs too and listen to them together.
  3. Plan a movie matinee to watch grandma or grandpa's favorite movie as a family. 
  4. Create a poster or giant card titled "Why We Love Grandma and Grandpa." Have the kids list reasons and include colorful illustrations.
  5. Make it a tradition. Even if it just means going out to dinner, having a game night, or visiting them at home, find some way to make the day something grandparents and kids look forward to year after year.
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Contributed by Darcy, Fairmont Private Schools

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