Wednesday, August 28

SCHOOL NEWS prep student completes prestigious biomedical research internship

Medical magnet student and incoming Fairmont Preparatory Academy senior, Megan Reddy, has pretty impressive fodder for her "What I did this summer" back-to-school essay.  She recently completed a 10-week internship through City of Hope’s Eugene and Ruth Roberts Summer Student Academy, an inquiry-based biomedical research program for exceptionally gifted undergraduate and high school students.  

The Academy gives curious and hardworking students the opportunity to learn about science by actually doing it. Unlike traditional high school or college classes where the course of study is entirely determined by the instructor, City of Hope’s summer program students select their own research project according to their individual areas of interest. Selected participants then spend 10 weeks working full-time as a member of a biomedical research team, receiving a stipend of $4,000 for their work.

Megan's research project was entitled: The Activity of SGN-35 in Conjunction with SAHA on CD30+ Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma Parental and Resistant Cell Lines.  Congratulations, Megan, for pursuing your passion for medicine and research this summer. We are looking forward to following your career as you complete our senior year and undoubtedly head off to an amazing university!

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