Wednesday, February 20

THE FAIRMONT FIVE saving for college

This tax season my thoughts have been drifting to the not-so-distant future when my three children will be college-aged and ready to leave home (tears).  Along with the anxiety of knowing they are growing up way too fast is the scary thought that it will cost a small fortune to send my kids to college.  Much as I would like to avoid the thought, I decided to uncover my eyes and leap into cyberspace for an education on saving for college.  Here are some resources I found helpful:
  1. A Get-Real Guide to Saving for College
  2. Guide to College Savings Plans
  3. The Best 529 College Savings Plans
  4. College Saving Calculator
  5. 10 Smart Tips for College Fund Savers

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Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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