Friday, November 9

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Highlights From This Week
Election Day 
Tuesday was a historic day in American history, marking the 2012 presidential election. Students at all of our campuses learned about the American election process. Our preschoolers practiced voting for something that was meaningful to them, like what they wanted for snack. Our elementary and junior high students learned more about the details of the election, including the right to vote and the difference between the popular vote and the electoral college. The Anaheim Hills 5th graders even organized a mock election on campus! 

Veteran's Day 
We would like to remind you that Fairmont is honoring Veteran's Day on Monday, November 12, 2012, and school will be closed. We hope you enjoy this day with your family and spend some time remembering our veterans and recognizing their service to our country. Here are a few ideas for celebrating: 
  1. Brush up on your Veterans Day history with a quick video
  2. Test your Veterans Day recall with an online quiz
  3. Read poigniant veteran-related poems like In Flander's Fields
  4. Donate to top-rated veteran causes
  5. Have fun with hands-on Veterans Day activities

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