Wednesday, September 12

FAIRMONT FIVE pins we love

Have you heard, Fairmont is on Pinterest?! With so many of our Fairmont families and friends engaged in creating digital collections on Pinterest and with so many great ideas to pique our ever curious minds, we found the temptation just too hard to resist. So, we are happily pinning away each week discovering books, craft projects, recipes, home design inspiration, gifts...pins more or less linked to education that we hope will delight the life-long learners in all of us.
Here are some of our favorite pins thus far:
  1. Whimsical art room posted to Learning Spaces
  2. DIY playdough  posted to Art of Play
  3. Teacher giftwrap posted to Elementary
  4. Back to School comic posted to 21st Century Learning
  5. Art journal inspiration posted to Junior High
Photo from willowday
Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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