Tuesday, July 31

HOW TO bbq with the kids

With summer in full swing, most of us have probably spent some time outside grilling. But have you let your kids join in on the fun? With these quick tips, you and your kids can add grilling together to your list of fun summer activities. 

1. Give your kids a short grill tutorial while the grill is off.
2. Teach them Stop, Drop, and Roll if their clothing were to catch on fire.
3. Mark sharp edges with masking tape to prevent bumps and scrapes.
4. Allow the kids to arrange charcoal briquettes if using a charcoal grill.
5. Let the kids help prepare the food for grilling by showing them how to marinate meat, skewer kebabs, and wrap potatoes or corn in aluminum foil. 
6. Once the grill is on, let the kids draw a chalk line around the grill that outlines the "adults only zone." 

And the last and most important tip?? Round up the whole family and chow down! 

Image from Essence 

Contributed by Darcy, Fairmont Private Schools 

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