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HOW TO bbq or grill for dad's day

It's usually Dad who fires up the grill for summer gatherings, but why not reverse the roles for Father's Day and and whip up some of his favorite from-the-grill treats?  I love this primer from Epicurious packed with all the information you need to grill with confidence plus some recipes you can try out on Dad this Sunday.  Here's an excerpt:

Grilling Tips and Techniques

Who can deny the thrill of the grill? There's nothing quite like cooking over a live flame. But if you're one of the many who find grilling intimidating, that irresistible fire-kissed flavor can feel out of reach. Fear not: Whether you're a newbie or want to expand your repertoire, a little know-how is all you need for grilling success.

In this guide you'll find an explanation of how to set up your grill, the classic techniques of live-fire cooking, and extras such as grilling safety. And at right are basic recipes for everything from steaks, burgers, and chicken to whole fish, pork chops, and shrimp. Plus, see our equipment guide for the lowdown on what kind of grill to get and other essential gear.

Read on and, before you know it, you'll be the one hosting the next cookout.

Grilling Versus Barbecue

In America, we tend to call just about anything that has a red color or a red sauce on it barbecue, but it's important to distinguish barbecue from grilling. While both involve cooking with live fire, barbecue traditionally refers to food that is cooked slowly over a low (indirect) heat and flavored by wood smoke. Grilling, on the other hand, is a hot-and-quick method that uses high (direct) heat.

The distinction gets a little blurry when you start talking about grill-roasting, grill-baking, or the combo method, all of which employ indirect heat but generally not wood smoke. But to keep it straight, remember that authentic barbecue is flavored by time and smoke—the food cooks a long time and must be kissed by wood chips, chunks, or logs. Read More

Need more help?  Check out the FAQs at Girls at the Grill.

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