Tuesday, June 26

THE FAIRMONT FIVE unique powers of camp

We all know that kids benefit in many ways from participating in summer camp programs. They develop leadership and teamwork skills, make friendships, and explore their interests. 

But what is the "secret sauce" of summer camp? What really makes camp such a special time for kids? At Fairmont, we know that it's moments like these...throwing your head back to fully experience the misting Rainforest exhibit at the Zoo or catching some Z's on your Camp Counselor's shoulder during the bus ride home. These moments are magical and memory-making for kids (and they just happen to be our favorite moments too!) 

We also loved this Top 5 list of the "unique powers of camp" compiled by educator/author Michael Brandwein. He credits the magic of camp to these things: 

  1. Camp leads the way in using the best methods to help children learn and grow. For almost 150 years, camps have been the leader in using the number one secret to teaching: children learn most from doing
  2. Camp communities remove the typical pressures from school and support children in a positive atmosphere that cherishes effort and persistence. One fast way to explain the incredible power of camping is in two words: "no grades." 
  3. Camp has distinctive value in preparing children for future success. Camp creates communities where kids make daily decisions about activities and learn how to get along with others. 
  4. Camp offers an unequaled variety of opportunities to develop well-rounded children. Camps cut like a laser through the negative expectations and beliefs that can stick to children and hold them back. 
  5. Camp combats youth isolation by offering positive and accepting communities. Camp is all about belonging - belonging to a group that respects and values each member. 
What makes camp special for you? While that definition might be slightly different for each person, the "super power" of summer camp is undeniable.

Contributed by Alyssa, Fairmont Private Schools 

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