Wednesday, May 9

THE FAIRMONT FIVE mom blogs we love

In the past couple years, mommy bloggers have taken off! While the sheer number of mom blogs out there can be overwhelming, the good ones provide great content for moms with children of every age. Since Mother's Day is just around the corner, here are five mom blogs to bookmark. They'll make your life a little easier--and a little more fun! 

  1. Cool Mom Picks. Just like it sounds--cool moms who find and share the coolest stuff. We love this blog for finding inspiration of all kinds: birthday party gift ideas, stylish diaper bags, organization apps, etc. Kristen, Liz, and their content contributors write in a quick, snappy way. We also recommend their sister blog Cool Mom Tech for all you techies. 
  2. Design Mom. "I post on the intersection of design and motherhood." What stylish mama doesn't love that? Blogger Gabrielle Blair shares her experiences as a designer and mother of six who is currently living in France. She shares craft ideas, travel tales, amazing photography, mom advice, and much, much more. 
  3. Rage Against the Minivan. Best blog name award, right there. Minivan hater (but admitted minivan driver), Kristen Howerton is mother to an amazing multicultural family, built through both adoption and birth. She blogs about the tough stuff, including the balance between parenting & adoption and the impacts of race, religion, and politics on her family. We appreciate her unique perspective (and her very sarcastic sense of humor). 
  4. Alive in Wonderland. A great blog for Orange County moms. Writer Suzanne Broughton is OC Family's top mommy blogger, among many other titles. Her blog boasts everything from family excursion ideas to interviews with top OC chefs to awesome giveaways. 
  5. Mom 101. Liz Gumbinner is a witty mama who knows how to write. Her posts on parenting tribulations, the challenges of being a working mom, and on mom blogging itself will get you hooked. She has a loyal following for a reason, and she's known for still replying to reader comments herself--imagine that! 

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Contributed by Alyssa, Fairmont Private Schools 

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