Wednesday, March 28

THE FAIRMONT FIVE sites to keep you smarter than your kids

I shouldn't pretend to keep up with Fairmont students! ;) But here are five websites with free content that keep learning alive for parents. Much of the content on sites like Khan Academy is appropriate for younger students as well, and can be useful to parents who like to plan educational enrichment exercises for their kids during the weekends or our upcoming spring break.
  1. TED Ed --Illustrated videos that pair extraordinary educators with talented animators.
  2. YouTube EDU --Videos of academic lectures, speeches, How-To's, etc.
  3. Khan Academy --Educational videos about almost everything combined with practice exercises.
  4. iTunes U --Entire courses from colleges and universities like Stanford, Yale, and MIT along with several other K-12 and higher ed institutions.
  5. Fast Company's 30 Second MBA --Business tips from C-Level execs from every industry neatly packaged in 30-second clips--who doesn't have time for that?
Photo from iTunes U

Contributed by Courtney, Fairmont Private Schools

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