Tuesday, February 7

ARTS & CRAFTS make your own valentine cards

Something about Valentine’s Day brings out the little girl in me!  I just love all the red and pink, the cute conversation hearts, and the delicate paper lace doilies.  How glorious it was to sit down at my family’s kitchen table, scissors and glue stick at the ready, for an afternoon of glittery abandon making Valentine's Day cards. Now, I’ve got two of my own little cherubs to share in the fun.  I hope these ideas inspire you to sit down with your kids for a Valentine's Day-inspired card crafting extravaganza.
Can I get a hand for this great idea?!  Have your child trace his/her own hand on construction paper, cut the hand shape out with kid-friendly scissors, and then add a personalized message.  This is one of many clever Valentine's Day card ideas from Martha Stewart Living.
For card-making fun without the fuss, try kits like this one from Paper Source.  With all the components to make 20 fun animal Valentines (5 of each 4 designs), this card kit lets your kids get creative making adorable ladybugs, kittens, puppies and bees. And moms won't have to worry about gathering up supplies in advance.

Shopping for card-making supplies can jump-start your creativity.  Restock your craft cabinet with goodies (like this vintage-inspired rubber stamp) from your local crafts store or check out the great stamps, punches, stickers and more at ekSuccess.

Photo at top from Microsoft Office photo gallery
Contributed by Danyelle, Fairmont Private Schools

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