Thursday, December 15

SNACK TIME mindful eating for the holidays

The holidays are a time for family, celebrations and, of course, eating.  With holiday treats in abundance, overindulging can lead to tummy aches, toothaches or unwanted weight gain. Is there a way to enjoy specialty dishes without overdoing it? Yes!

You can enjoy the holidays more fully if you practice mindful eating. Simply put, mindful eating is the practice of eating with increased awareness and attention to what, how, and why you eat without judgment.

For example, a mindful eating practice is to notice if you are hungry even before you take your first bite.  It also helps you feel your fullness sooner, resulting in less overeating. Mindfully eating slows down the eating experience allowing you to enjoy the food and your surroundings more fully. Eating mindfully can enhance the dining experience and often evokes a feeling of gratitude.

For more tips on how to encourage mindful eating, visit SuperKids Nutrition. 

Contributed by Leslie Kay-Getzinger, MS RD, Regional Dietitian for Nutrition Management Services

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