Monday, November 14

BOOK REPORT the giver

During this time of giving and thanksgiving, what better book to read by the fire than Lois Lowry's The Giver? An ideal read for young adults ages 11 and up, this Newberry Medal winner weaves the captivating tale of a boy named Jonas who lives in a controlled "Utopian" community. On his twelfth birthday, Jonas is assigned special training from The Giver. He soon learns that in order for the rest of the community to function so perfectly, The Giver alone must sacrifice and keep the memories of the true pain and pleasure of unregulated life. 

I first came across this novel in fifth grade when it was recommended by my favorite teacher and have since returned to it countless times. It's a story that provokes deep thought and appreciation for what might otherwise seem troublesome or challenging. Consider reading the story along with your son or daughter over the Thanksgiving holiday, and then reference these study questions to spark some great discussion. 

Contributed by Alyssa 

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