Tuesday, August 21


Fairmont student from the 50s looking prim and proper in her school uniform
School uniforms have long been the norm for private school attire. That collegiate, preppy look is nearly as synonymous with school life as backpacks and pencils. Here at Fairmont, our school uniform has changed fabric, colors and styles over the decades, but our "look" remains classic and focused on function as well as form.

This year, we have introduced changes to our uniform policy that we believe aligns better with Fairmont's culture of excellence and high expectations.  We have adopted a dress uniform for boys and girls and created a custom plaid for the girl's uniform that is unique to Fairmont. During this transition year, students may wear both old and new uniform pieces; however, starting the 2013/2014 school year, all students must adhere to the new uniform policy.

It has been our collective experience that children perform better in school when they are in uniform. Students who feel confident about how they look tend to rise to the occasion by putting forth their best effort in school. They also encourage others to treat them with dignity and respect when they are dressed appropriately.

We believe that uniforms:
  • create a sense of unity, belonging and school pride
  • limit distractions and focus attention on learning
  • reinforce character building and encourage good etiquette
  • limit cliquishness and encourage students to find other ways of expressing their uniqueness
If these reasons aren’t enough to make you a fan of school uniforms, consider this practical fact. Uniforms make it so much easier for kids to get dressed and ready for school each day. That’s reason enough for this mom to LOVE school uniforms!

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