Tuesday, September 13

HOW TO...organize with apps

With school back in full swing, organization is key for student success...and for parent sanity. To all you busy parents, we offer this round up of apps that will turn your smartphone into an organization super genius (and give you a some extra free time). 

Teux Deux takes the daily to-do list to a new level.  Tasks are organized by day and can be easily crossed off or dragged and dropped to another day. We love the clean layout and that Teux Deux is both a website and an app, allowing you to reference it at work and on the go. ($2.99 for iPhone) 

Awesome Note could not be more awesome...calendar, to-do list, organizer, digital filing cabinet, recipe book, and more. This little app does it all in style. ($3.99 for iPhone and iPad and there's a free lite version)

iRewardChart makes Chore Charts a breeze by allowing you to easily track each child's responsibilities and rewards in one convenient place. ($3.99 for iPhone, free for Android) 

RedRover has been called the "best of the best" in play date apps. This mom-designed app lets you invite people from all your contact lists into a private social network and shows you kid-friendly stops nearby to help you schedule the perfect play date on-the-go. (Free for iPhone) 

Happy organizing! 

Contributed by Alyssa

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