Wednesday, September 28

THE FAIRMONT FIVE helpful homework tips

How much time should children spend doing homework? Should elementary school children do any homework at all? What role should parents play in the homework process? 

According to The Battle Over Homework, elementary students should be doing homework and the ideal amount of time ranges from about 20 minutes in first grade to 60-90 minutes in sixth grade. 

Since homework is a vital part of the learning process, we asked our Director of Education, Sandy Cosgrove how to create the ideal homework environment and experience for your child. Here are her top five tips: 
  1. Assess your Child. Notice where and when your child is most thoughtful and creative and create a homework environment that matches those inherent preferences. Know what your child typically struggles with and what comes easily and help him or her balance time spent in those subject areas to avoid discouragement. 
  2. Establish a Routine. Routine is essential. Doing homework at the same time in the same place as much as possible is often helpful, especially to young students. Help your child stay organized by setting up a process for checking assignment sheets/agendas and “checking off” assignments as they are completed.
  3. Use Natural Consequences. This means you do nothing when it comes to discipline for not completing homework. Alternatively, let homework consequences come from your child’s teacher in the classroom setting to help him or her learn responsibility. Communicate with the teacher yourself if you have specific concerns or questions. 
  4. Use the “Positive-Negative-Positive” Method. Whenever a child brings any piece of schoolwork to you, the first thing you say must be something positive – some type of praise. Your child will never want to show you anything if you constantly start with criticism. Instead start positive, then make corrections, and conclude with another positive.
  5. Always Be Encouraging and Supportive. Remember that your attitude is contagious and will influence how your child feels about homework and school. 

Happy homeworking! 

Contributed by Alyssa and Sandy 

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