Wednesday, September 21

THE FAIRMONT FIVE apple picking in oak glen

Romes and Winesaps and Braeburns, oh my! It’s apple season again! You can find these iconic fruits of fall at your local farmer’s market, but it’s so much more fun to harvest them yourself. Consider packing up the family and heading on an apple picking adventure. The little town of Oak Glen, California is just over an hour’s drive from Orange County, but you’ll feel worlds away. Pick your own apples, press a gallon of cider, hike in the San Bernardino wilderness, ride a pony, square dance…and gorge yourself on apple delicacies. Click on the farms below for apple picking and all manner of apple-related fun.

Don't miss the mini apple cider doughnuts at Snow-line!

Contributed by Danyelle


  1. Oak Glen is a blast!

    For best apple picking, you generally need to wait until October. Right now there are still some raspberries available for picking.

    Snow-line is a great place! The doughnuts are wonderful. You can't pick apples there, but they are all available for taste and sale. They do have raspberry picking.

    Los Rio Rancho has animals and apples and a lot of shopping. It is usually packed, but a lot of fun! They didn't have apple picking last weekend, but say they will have it next.

    It's a great family outing!

  2. Anonymous, thanks so much for sharing these tips! Sounds like you've got apple picking down to a science.

    We're putting together a post about local pumpkin patches for October--any chance you'd like to be a co-contributer? E-mail us at if you're interested; we'd love to have your input!



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