Thursday, May 26

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT edgewood features natalie k. and ryan g.

Natalie Kim, Jr. Kindergarten
Natalie, is currently in Miss Kliss' Junior Kindergarten and is 5 years-old. Some of Natalie's favorite things are: the color pink, eating rice, the song “More Than a Song”, and the movie, “Lemonade Mouth”.  Speaking of songs, Natalie also takes voice lessons and loves to sing and dance whenever Room 102 has a dance party. She also takes swim lessons with another classmate, Daniel Shim. We enjoy Natalie and her amazing personality!

Ryan Gumlia, 1st Grader

Ryan Gumlia, an Edgewood first grader, takes his passion for ice hockey beyond the local rinks. He recently returned with a bronze medal from the Alberta Championship Cup in Canada, a large youth hockey tournament covering most of western Canada.  He scored three goals in five games.  More than 250 Canadian teams participated in the tournament. Ryan’s team, the Cougars Selects, is headquartered out of Edmonton with branch teams in the United States. Since returning from Alberta, Ryan has been invited to return to play in a tournament in Calgary at the end of the month.
Congratulations, Ryan!

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood

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