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Edgewood Alumni Succeed
The Fairmont Prep Academy has THREE Edgewood alumni students out of FOUR Executive Council positions on next year's Executive ASB Board. 

Payal P., ASB President
Kelly T., ASB Secretary
Timothea P., ASB Treasurer 

Go Edgewood! Congratulations Girls!

2nd Grade Spelling Bee
Yoseph C.
David P.
Diego S. (3rd place)
Holly N.
Jordan H.
Nicholas M.
Bijan Y.
Laudan P.
Hursh M. (1st place)
Ashley B.
Kaylin O. (2nd place)
Chris A.
Julia S.
Myra M.
Deniz I.
Daniel L. 

Fairmont 2011 Summer Programs
Summer Camp Field Trips
Camp Kickoff Pow-Pow
Los Angeles Zoo
Angels Game
Corona del Mar Beach
Long Beach Aquarium
Wild Rivers
Irvine Outdoor Education Center
Knott's Berry Farm
Camp Kumbaya
Swimming every Tuesday!

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Winners of Imagination Celebration - All District Show
South Coast Plaza - Crate & Barrel Wing

Show - Wednesday, May 11- Wednesday, May 25
Awards Reception - May 14

Nicholson B. JK
Aimee C. JK
Aisha C.  JK
Brian C.  JK
Vivian G. JK
Josiah G. JK
Mira  H. JK
Ara M. JK
Elise N. JK
Dahlia S.  JK
Daniel S. JK
Elliot  S.  JK
Mia V.  JK
Cyrus Z. JK
Karim D. K
Kensuke F. K
Meyer S. K
Meena S. K
Madeline G. 1st
Ryan G. 1st
Julia K. 1st
Benjamin M.1st
Robert N 1st
Ameya S. 1st
Sofia A. 2nd
Joshua F. 2nd

Myra  M.  2nd
Laudan P. 2nd
Hitakshi S. 2nd
Julia S. 2nd
Meredith F. 3rd
Ryan H. 3rd
Alexander  K. 3rd
Brennan  M. 3rd
Anika N. 3rd
Dhruv P. 3rd
Shalini  P. 3rd
Sasha  R. 3rd
Sofia R. 3rd
Jenna S. 3rd
Zackary R. 4th
Nishant C. 5th
Alyssa C. 5th
Cameron  H. 5th
Alexander J. 5th
Sahar K. 5th
Sahir P. 5th
Zayn B. 6th
Maia C. 6th
Sally Y. (2 PIECES) 6th
Cobi D. 7th
Amanda M. 7th

Edgewood Parking Lot Safety Reminders
Parking lot:
1) Parents need to enter the churchparking lot from Vanderlip ONLY. We want to have one way traffic in that parking lot. If parents ask another person (grandparent, friend etc) to pick/drop off their child, they need to inform that person of the procedure.
2) Parents need to slow down in all the parking lots. Please no speeding.
3) No parking on the red curb.
4) No running in the parking lots.
5) Children need to stay by their parents' side in the parking lot at all times.

Kids Read Book Drive
Thank you so much to everyone who helped out with the Kids READ! book drive. It went very well and we have collected just over 500 books. Your help and support will help hundreds of children and promote literacy throughout Orange County. For any other donations please contact Megan Mettler at Thanks again for all of your support.

Thank you VERY much Mr. Smiens!!

Megan Mettler
Facebook - Kids READ

Red Cross Donations
Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the Red Cross for Japan box in the front office. Edgewood collected $1,093 for this cause. Thank you so much for your contributions.

Edgewood's Sports Corner
Monday, April 11th
DSL Soccer @ Heritage Oak
Coed at 3:00 pm
Monday, April 25th
DSL Soccer vs. Anaheim Hills
Coed at 3:00 pm
Wednesday, April 27th
DSL Soccer @ McDowell
Coed at 3:00 pm
Monday, May 2nd
DSL Soccer vs. Mission Hills
Coed at 3:00 pm
Wednesday, May 4th
DSL Soccer vs. Camelot
Coed at 3:00 pm
Monday, May 9th
DSL Soccer @ Oakridge
Coed at 3:00 pm


Monday-Friday, April 11th-15th
Week of the Young Child: Monday - Carnival Celebration, Tuesday - Art Projects, & Wednesday - Nutrition Presentations & Story time with Administration/Pajama Day

Tuesday, April 12th
3rd Grade Spelling Bee 10-11 am
JH Soccer All Star Game at TVT

Wednesday, April 13th
7th & 8th Grade Travel Week Parent Meetings at 6:30 pm

Thursday, April 14th
5th Grade Spelling Bee 10:20-11:20 am

Friday, April 15th

Saturday, April 16th
MSPDP National Debate Championship at Claremont

Monday - Friday, April 18th-22nd
Spring Break - No School

Monday, April 25th
Pennies for Patients Begins

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus

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