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4th Grade Spelling Bee
On Thursday, April 7th, sixteen excited fourth graders participated in their annual Spelling Bee.  Mrs. Krulisky was very impressed by their abilities and she almost ran out of words from the original list to give them!  Miss del Carmen and Mrs. Howe are very proud of the students and their hard work.  In the end, 3rd place went to Candy Pomprasert, 2nd place to Anushka Shah, and 1st place to Anton Ni.  The winning word was "anchor."  Congratulations to all that participated! 

Max Y.
Anton N. (1st place)
Anushka S. (2nd place)
Athena P.
Bora O.
Melina N.
Rayan H.
Nadia A.
Halah B.
Harsheta C.
Maha I.
Candy P. (3rd place)
Zackary R.
Karishma R.
Aycia S.

Fairmont 2011 Summer Programs
Summer School
June 27-August 4

Monday - Thursday, 9:00-12:00 pm
Preschool - 8th Grade

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2011 Festival of the Arts of Laguna Beach Junior Art Exhibit 
Imaginary Animal - Elliot S. JK
Stretching Cat - Dahlia S. JK
Owl - Aimee C. JK
Self-Portrait - Daniel S. JK
Abstract Girl - Vivian G. JK
Young Girl - Josiah G. JK
The Girl - Robert N. 1ST 
Still-Life - Maia C. 6TH

The following artwork has been selected for exhibit in the 2011 Festival of Arts of Laguna Beach Junior Art exhibit. This two-month event will be open to the public July 7 through August 31, 2011.

Edgewood Parking Lot Safety Reminders
Parking lot: 
1) Parents need to enter the churchparking lot from Vanderlip ONLY. We want to have one way traffic in that parking lot. If parents ask another person (grandparent, friend etc) to pick/drop off their child, they need to inform that person of the procedure.
2) Parents need to slow down in all the parking lots. Please no speeding.
3) No parking on the red curb.
4) No running in the parking lots.
5) Children need to stay by their parents' side in the parking lot at all times.

The Golden Ticket
Deniz was the student randomly selected to share a meal with Mrs. Kaneski on Friday April 8, 2011.  Deniz's name was selected from a tub of yellow tickets each with names of students who have shown exceptional character during the last week.  If you know Deniz, then you know what a blessing she is to her teacher and to those around her. Deniz never puts herself first, but considers the feelings of others before her own.  Thank you, Deniz for sharing breakfast with me. I loved our time together.

3rd Grade to Irvine Outdoor Education Center
Last Friday, third grade embarked on a brand new field trip to Irvine Regional Outdoor Education Center.  This was actually our second attempt since the first scheduled field trip was postponed due to weather.  Students were giddy with anticipation as we board the bus Friday morning.  When we arrived students began the field trip with a gorgeous nature hike where science and social studies came together as they explored the adaptations of native plants and animals and their interdependence and their interaction with non-native species. While on the hike students also learned about the interactions of plant and animal species with Native Americans and early European settlers. Nutrient and water cycles came to life through hands-on activities at our solar, wind, and hand-powered well.  They also got investigate the ranch's citrus grove where more than 30 different species of citrus plants are grown and tended too.  The third graders were ecstatic when they learned that they could actually pick and eat some of the oranges and lemons.  The field trip wouldn't be complete without a hard hat, hammering, and shoveling in the ranches rock mine.   This was a field trip they would never forget and we'll definitely keep for next year. 

1st Grade Presentation
Mrs. Brown's class took part in a wonderful Persian New Year celebration presented by Mrs. Khashayar.  Mrs. Khashayar taught us about this beautiful celebration and brought in a beautiful display of symbols that their family uses to honor this Persian tradition.  We learned how intertwined the celebration is with nature and the beginning of wonderful things to come in the new year.  Thank you for your hard work and amazing presentation! 

Edgewood's Sports Corner      
Monday, April 25th
DSL Soccer vs. Anaheim Hills
Coed at 3:00 pm
Wednesday, April 27th
DSL Soccer @ McDowell
Coed at 3:00 pm
Monday, May 2nd
DSL Soccer vs. Mission Hills
Coed at 3:00 pm
Wednesday, May 4th
DSL Soccer vs. Camelot
Coed at 3:00 pm
Monday, May 9th
DSL Soccer @ Oakridge
Coed at 3:00 pm


SCHOOL NEWS oc science fair results

Monday - Friday, April 18th-22nd
Spring Break - No School

Monday, April 25th
Pennies for Patients Begins

Tuesday, April 26th
ASB Spring Float Sale

Thursday, April 28th
1st Grade Musical at 12:00 pm for parents

Saturday, April 30th
OCDL Debate Championship @ Anaheim Hills

Monday-Friday, May 2nd-6th
CTP4 Testing for Grades 2nd-8th
ECPA - Parent and Staff Appreciation Week

Friday, May 6th
Shortened Day - Early Dismissal
Pennies for Patients Ends

Saturday, May 7th
DUCKS Street Hockey Tournament at Honda Center

Monday-Friday, May 9th-13th
JH Travel Week - 8th to Washington D.C., 7th to Grand Canyon, & 6th to Astro Camp

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus

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