Tuesday, April 26

BOOK REPORT anaheim hills looks to nature for poetic inspiration

The Great Frog Race: And Other Poems
by Kristine O'Connell George

This book has garnered many awards including the Lee Bennett Hopkins Poetry Award.  Here’s an excerpt from the author’s website (www.kristinegeorge.com) where she shares what The Great Frog Race is all about in her own words:(and don't forget to check out the author's other great poetry collections)

“The Great Frog Race was my first book and these twenty-eight poems were written over a period of about five years. The poems in this collection celebrate memories of my childhood: tadpoles, shooting stars, and an old farm dog named Zeke.  There are poems about singing off-key, getting lost with Mom, and a drowsy day-dreaming garden hose.  When I share my book with children I often bring my (very elegant!) metal bucket with "props" from some of the poems:  One egg (plastic!).  A length of garden hose.  A well-preserved dragonfly.  A sprig of lavender.  Maracas.  A saltine cracker.  A monkey wrench...  In talking to students, I hope to demystify poetry and help them understand that poetry is all around them, even in the humble ordinary objects in our everyday lives.” 
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