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FRIDAY FOLDER anaheim hills campus march 11

Fifth Grade Spelling Bee 
This week, we held the most exciting competition in the history of Anaheim Hills Spelling bees. The 4th and 5th grade students gathered to watch the finalists face off in the 5th grade spelling bee.  As the bee progressed, the spellers were poised; listening, asking questions and thinking through their answers carefully.  After competing for 90 minutes in a record 53 rounds (37 of them between the two finalists) Sherry Xu narrowly beat out Farooq Ansari for the championship.  Nima Ghodsi finished in 3rd place.  The other finalists were Derick Ma, Jessica Clement, Andrew Chang, Ahnia Khansari, Shirley Liu, Keeley Deleon, Nate Steele, Donia Olia, Alex Kinsbursky, William Wang, Aarnav Sandhu, Evan Patel and Aryana Bates.

Junior High Science Fair
Congratulations to the winners of the Junior High Science Fair!

Eighth Grade
First Place
Kayla B.   "So You Think You Can Desalinate?"

Second Place
Austin L.    "Colors and Peripheral Vision"

Third Place
Emily W.    "Discovering the Etiology of Lactose Intolerance"

Fourth Place
Jia Xuan L.   "Power Boost by Magnification"

Fifth Place
Kiernan H.   "Styrofoam vs Paper"

Sixth Place
Rebecca C.   "Please Clean Up That Oil"

Honorable Mention
River C.   "Which Building is Safer"
Yvonne K.   "Can You See Behind My Smile"

Seventh Grade
First Place
Alyssa F.   "Safety of Reusing Water Bottles"

Second Place
 Nick C.   "Rust Busters"

Third Place
Prabhleen K.   "Cancer Genome Anatomy"

Fourth Place
Kyle C.  "Stop! Watch Out for Children Cursing"

Fifth Place
Nasser M.   "The Intelligence Maze"

Sixth Place
Nikhil P.   "Artic Meltdown"

Honorable Mention
Armaan M.   "Multi-Tasking Madness"

All fifteen students will be representing the Anaheim Hills campus at the Orange County Science Fair in April

This week in Junior High "GREASE" is the word! The Junior High drama students will perform their annual musical on Thursday, March 17th, and Friday, March 18th, at 7pm.  Performing memorable songs such as "Greased Lightnin,'" "Summer Nights," and "We Go Together," our 7th and 8th grade cast members are sure to amaze you with their talent and energy!  Pre-sale tickets are available at the front desk or junior high desk.  One dollar from every ticket sold will benefit the UNICEF clean water campaign, "Tap Project." Doors open at 6:30.  No reserved seating.

"Parent Parking Spot of the Month"  
The parents of the following students will receive a preferred parking spot for the month indicated:

September - Nayan P.
October - Alina D.
November - Brandon P.
December - Aryana B.
January -  Janya N.
February - Claire M.
March - Audrey K.
April - Jade P.
May - Mia J.
June - Lillian M.


Lunch with the Director
The following students will get to choose a friend and have a special lunch with the director.
Alina D.
Cooper M.
Dylan K.
Luke H.

Your Participation Requested for Fairmont's Annual Parent Survey
Early next week parents of Fairmont P-8th graders will be emailed our annual parent survey. To keep the survey anonymous the link will be emailed to you from Options Marketing Research. The anonymous opinions and thoughts of all Fairmont parents in the survey are critical to our schools and highly valued. Last year we instituted a number of changes due to parent feedback-including this weekly eNewsletter! Please take 8 minutes to let us know what is working for you and what is not. Look for the email from Options Marketing Research by Wednesday.

Thank you!  

Cougar Sports
Tri-Way Boys Soccer vs Orangewood
Cougars WIN 2-0

Tri-Way Girls Soccer vs TVT
Lady Cougars WIN

Tri-Way Boys Soccer vs TVT
Cougars WIN


SNACK TIME kiwifruit makes it easy (and yummy) to go green

Tuesday, March 15
-Tri-Way Soccer vs Carden Hall
    Girls - 3:00pm/Boys - 4:00pm

Thursday, March 17
-St. Patricks Day - Free Dress - WEAR GREEN!
-Junior High Drama "Grease"   7:00pm

Friday, March 18
-Seventh Grade visits the Prep for International Day
-Report Cards go home
-Junior High Drama "Grease"   7:00pm

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills Campus

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