Thursday, February 24

STUDENT SPOTLIGHT edgewood eighth grader does it all

Edgewood eighth grader Amanda C. is a multi-talented dynamo.  This perpetual member of the Honor Roll, who has spent the last six years as a member of the Fairmont Schools family, knows how to make use of her time.  In addition to playing volleyball and having major roles in all three junior high drama productions, she counts president of the ASB and co-captain of the national-second-place-winning Eagles cheerleading squad among her on-campus accomplishments.  Outside of school, she has won first place awards for dance team performances, studies gymnastics, and will soon be presented with the Founders Award from the National Charity League - an honor held for those who volunteer for a minimum of 10 organizations each year.  In her "spare time," she likes to hang out with friends and family and to design clothes, which is a passion she hopes to turn into a career in the fashion industry.  Make sure to say hello to this very friendly eighth grader the next time she passes by. That is, if you can catch her!

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood campus

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