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Under the Sea
Our students had such a great opportunity this past Tuesday when the Aquarium of the Pacific visited our school. We were first introduced to the animals through a slide show that taught the students about sea life and the many shape liked friends we could find, like squares (sting rays), circles (sea anemones), and triangles (shark fins). The excitement came when they had the chance to walk inside the aquarium truck and touch the baby sharks, squishy sea cucumber, and sea anemone that felt like sticky spaghetti. The students learned that all animals should be respected and some, like sharks, should be left alone. Thanks to our hard working parent board and the fundraisers that are set by them, we were able to give the students an experience they will never forget. Who knows, we might have a future marine biologists among us. 

Character Counts–Think of a heart
Can anyone guess what pillar represents February? It’s CARING!
Caring is represented by the color red on our Character Counts wall and we continue to recognize the children’s efforts in the area of Fairness, Respect, and trustworthiness. 
CARING means to be kind • be compassionate and show you care • express gratitude • forgive others • help people in need. Together with the help of our campus mascot “Hero”, the students will gain an understanding of the importance of good character. 

2011 Coupon Book
Fairmont Citron Campus would like to show our appreciation for re-enrolling with us!

Submit your re-enrollment contract by Friday February 25th and your child will receive a 2011 Coupon Book!


• 1 Raffle Coupon to Win a Reserved Parking Spot
• 1 Director Event Pass
• 4 Free Dress Coupons
• 1 Morning Office Helper Coupon
• 1 Free Lunch (2011/2012 School Year)
• 1 Summer Lunch (Summer 2011)
• 1 Husky Picture Day Coupon
• 1 Special Class Monitor Coupon
• 1 Friday Flag Raising Coupon
• 1 Morning Announcer Coupon
• 1 Assembly Assistant Coupon

For more information, please contact:
Sheila Rafat | 714.533.3930 |

Tiki Time Luau Re-enrollment Event
The Citron campus is all geared up for our re-enrollment! Thank you to all the families that have submitted your re-enrollment contracts, we are so pleased that you will be joining us for another amazing year. We are delighted to share that our campus is in high demand. We have welcomed approximately twenty new students since we began school in September. As a result, we have closed enrollment at almost every grade level for the 2010-2011 academic year, with the exception of three pocket spaces!
We look forward to welcoming all of our current families to return to our school community for the 2011-2012 school year. The deadline for priority registration is Friday, February 25th. Families, who enroll by this date, will receive our special 2011 Coupon Book. The 2011 Coupon Book includes coupons for free dress, raffle coupons for parking spots, Director's Events, and much more. We also have some exciting surprises in store to let our Husky Pups know how special they are to us! Help us make this the best re-enrollment season we have ever had by submitting your paperwork by February 25th. Tell your friends to do the same!
As a current family, we encourage you to take advantage of our priority registration period. Much of our planning for the next academic year occurs in the spring.  The quality of your child's educational experience is our first priority. Timely re-enrollment provides us the opportunity to plan and facilitate the best educational experience possible for our students. 
We know you have many options when choosing a school, and we thank you for continuing to give us the opportunity to work with your child. We are looking forward to our raffle event in March. And we are especially looking forward to continuing this educational journey with you in 2011-2012!


LUNCHBOX february menu, citron

Monday, February 7th
Valentine’s Day Graham Fundraiser
Grahams may be purchased in the lobby and will be available all week 

Tuesday, February 8th
Kindergarten into 1st grade group tour
2:00pm – 3:00pm
Meet at the Mable Campus

Wednesday, February 9th
Dr. Okawachi – Dental Health presentation
9:00am to 11:00
(Classrooms will have scheduled presentation times)

Friday, February 11th
100th Day of School!

Re-enrollment Fun Friday – Hawaiian shirt or dress day

8:30am – Flag Salute

8:45am – All Citron Parent Meeting

Contributed by Elly, Citron Campus 

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