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Healthy Teeth
How many times should we brush our teeth? What are healthy foods and what are bad foods? You can ask any Citron student and they can now answer those questions thanks to Dr. Okawachi. The children were able to participate by using “real dentist instruments” in a simulated visit to the dentist which was the highlight of the event; the presentation was topped off with an animated film about Dudley the Dinosaur.

Message from Mrs. Douglas
When we think of the month of February we typically think “LOVE”. It is when we celebrate Valentine’s Day, exchange cards, give roses and candy and express our love for the special people in our lives. The relationship between a teacher and her students is a special kind of love. Teachers do what they do every day FOR THE LOVE OF IT.  They respect and love the uniqueness of each individual child and the rewards come back many fold. Children feel the love of a teacher in many different ways. They know that if you make a mistake, you are still loved. They know there is always someone to love them through their struggles. They understand it’s okay to have angry feelings. It does not make the love go away. Kindness, patience and tolerance are expressions of love. A teacher that inspires the desire to learn is giving a gift of love – love for nature, people of the world, fine art, books and reading. To encourage an adventurous spirit is to love a child enough so they believe in their own ability to chase any dream they have. Thanks to all the teachers who are drawn to the service of others and who posses the qualities that enable them to turn their love into action. 

100 Days!
The campus was buzzing with activity as students counted cherrios, stickers, pennies, and other treasures on Friday as they celebrated the 100th day in school. They counted by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s till each student counted 100 different items. 

Citron Campus Re-enrollment Fun Fridays
Aloha, island-goers!
Here are the themes for the upcoming Fun Fridays:
February 18th: Hawaiian Tourist Day
February 25th: Crazy Tiki Hair or Hat Day
March 4th: Hawaiian Shirt Day

We hope you participate in dressing up in order to promote school spirit.

Move-up Day and Buddy Lunch
All Citron Students, You Are Invited!
Date: Friday, February 18th, 2011
Time: 10:30am-12:00pm
Where: Citron Kindergarten students will be going to the Mable Campus to visit the 1st Grade classrooms as well as have lunch with a 1st Grade Buddy! All remaining Citron students Preschool through Junior Kindergarten will be moving up to the next grade level.
After morning classroom visits all P4 classes will join their friends from JK and eat lunch outside on the lunch tables. Students will either bring a lunch from home or order lunch as usual in their own class on Friday morning. P3 students will return to their classrooms to eat lunch and prepare for rest.

This event is a great opportunity for students to make new friends and ease the transition to the next step at Citron and Mable.


SNACK TIME red velvet cake balls

Monday, February 14th
Classroom Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Friday, February 18th
Tiki-Time Fun Friday: Dress as a tourist (free dress)
Be as silly as possible

Kindergarten into 1st grade group tour
8:30am – 9:30am
Meet at the Citron Campus

Move Up Day and Buddy Lunch
Preschool – Kdg
Will take place during the morning

Kindergarten students will travel to the Mable Campus
Leave: 10:30am Return12:30pm

Monday, February 21st
No School – President’s Day Holiday 

Contributed by Elly, Citron Campus 

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