Tuesday, January 25

BOOK REPORT citron cheers for rodney rat

Hooway for Wodney Wat
By Helen Lester

Here's a story for those of us who love underdogs--or underrodents as is the case with Rodney Rat.

Rodney has trouble saying his r’s. The other rodents at school tease him and make him feel very alone. One day a new student joins the class, Camilla Capybara. She is bigger, meaner and smarter than everyone else, just ask her. One day they play Simon says outside. Wodney Wat is the leader. As he gives directions the students follow, yet Camilla Capybara doesn’t know about Rodney’s r’s. She misunderstands and does everything wrong. Eventually she “goes west”, as per Wodney’s directions. Wodney is the hero of the class because Camilla is gone forever.

Contributed by Jody Moran, Citron campus

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