Tuesday, January 25

BOOK REPORT anaheim hills suggests some "sweet" reading

Anaheim Hills second grade teacher Ms. Erin Brewster has a recommendation for all those little sweet teeth out there.  Here's what she has to say about: 

The Chocolate Touch
By: Patrick Skene Catling 

The book is about a boy named John Midas who loves all kinds of candy and sweets but his favorite is chocolate.  He complains when he has to eat healthy foods. On day he finds a silver coin with the picture of a chubby boy on one side and JM (his initials) on the other side.  He takes it into a candy store and buys a whole box of chocolates.  He sneaks the candy up to his room and gobbles it up.  

The next morning everything to puts into his mouth turns to chocolate.  At first John loves this new trick, but after a while, he starts to get thirsty and wants water and other foods that don't taste like chocolate.  Soon he starts getting red spots on his body.  He goes to the doctor and the doctor tells him he has Chocolate Fever.

The turning point for John is when he kisses his mom and she turns into a pillar of chocolate.  He runs back to the candy store and pleads with the store owner to change his mother back.  When John finally admits that he is responsible (because he was greedy) the store owner assures him that everything will be okay.  He runs back home to find his mother back to normal. 

The best part for me is when John starts realizing how his behavior is not only affecting him but the people he loves. Even then he's not healed immediately.  The store owner waits until he is desperate to have his mother back before he takes the Chocolate Fever away.

Contributed by Erin, Anaheim Hills

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