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Photo of the Week: ECPA Holiday Coffee & Caroling , Isabel R., Angela F., and Parisa B. from the JH Vocal Ensemble

First Grade Field Trip to The Elves & the Shoemaker
On Thursday, Dec. 9th, the first graders were magically transported into the deep and majestic Black Forest of southwestern Germany. In the play The Elves and the Shoemaker, performed at Fullerton's Plummers Auditorium, the hopeless shoemaker is secretly visited by spirited and spritely elves each night, as a reward for the kindness he bestowed towards them. Once back at school and discussing the "moral of the story," first grade student, Karishma Grandon, was quite articulate when saying, "I learned that if you are nice to someone, they will be nice back." Definitely a valuable holiday lesson for children and adults alike!

CHOC Toy Drive Pickup at Edgewood
It was terrific seeing all of the students, staff, faculty and parents as we approached each school.  What a reception!  To hear all the applause and cheers and excitement as we rode up was very special for the motorcycle riders and Santa. THANKS to all of you for sharing your day and being so generous and supportive of such a wonderful event. Again, each campus was unique and special.  We totally enjoyed seeing each and everyone.  Citron and Edgewood students sang Christmas songs from their Christmas programs and they really sounded great.  It added the Christmas spirit for this special day and season.  We wanted to thank Citron Campus and the Parent Association who provided a brunch with all kinds of food, drinks and goodies for us again this year.  It was quite delicious and appreciated by all.

The generosity from all the schools was overwhelming.  Our truck was nearly full of toys for the patients at CHOC.  We took them down to the OC Harley dealership where they will stay until our OCHOG members will deliver  them on Christmas eve day to the hospital so the kids and families will have presents for Christmas Day. These toys will also be given to patients who often spend weeks or months inside the hospital, extending the season of giving beyond the holidays. Toys are used as therapeutic play to help patients adjust to their hospitalization and create a positive experience. It's a very rewarding experience to know that we all helped lift the spirits and put smiles on the young patients who frequent CHOC due to unforeseen illnesses, and to make a difference in the lives of children, who have unfortunately been stricken with catastrophic illnesses or who have to be in the hospital, by letting them know that people care about them and what they are going through. What better way is there to start the Christmas season?  

Thanks again and I want to wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas and a healthy Happy New Year!!!!  Enjoy your time off with family and friends and relax to the fullest.

Judy Coderre, Reprographics Mngr.

Debate: Eagle Invitational Results
Hello Parents,
Thank you very much for all of your help this past Sunday.  I was happy to see all of our students punctual and prepared for the event.  In addition, the lunches and breakfast items were very well done and delicious.  A special thank you goes out to our team mom, Mrs. Mital, who helped coordinate food service for the day.  Another special thank you is for Mrs. Rogers and Thao-Ann Nguyen who both served as judges for many of the debates during the day.

The Edgewood campus had a very good showing amid some very difficult competition.  At the end of the day, I was proud of our group for working so hard to be successful.  This was the biggest OCDL event yet: 98 students, 33 teams, and 7 schools.  Our school results are listed below.

I always like to have pictures from the day's events.  If you have any pictures taken during the day, would you please email them to me?

Thanks again!  I'm looking forward to our next event at Walton Middle School in February.

-Mr. Hughes

School Awards:
Overall: This is for most wins per school.
3rd Place - Edgewood

Tournament: This is for highest percentage of wins.
3rd Place - Edgewood

Team Awards:
2nd place - Edgewood FCM: Nick Flores, Amanda Cohn, Amanda Madden (UNDEFEATED)
9th place - Edgewood NBF: Sonali Narang, Francisco Buitron, Cassandra Fernandez

Speaker Awards:
3rd place - Nick F.
4th place - Amanda C.
13th place - Cassandra F.
14th place - Amanda M.
15th place - Parisa B.
22nd place - Sonali N.

Edgewood's Sports Corner
Tuesday, Jan. 4th
JH BB vs. Oakridge
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Thursday, Jan. 6th
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 11th
JH B @ Mission Hills
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Thursday, Jan. 13th
JH BB @ Pegasus
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Tuesday, Jan. 18th
JH BB @ Carden Hall
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

Thursday, Jan. 20th
JH BB @ Calvary
Girls play at 3:00 & Boys play at 4:15 pm

LUNCHBOX january menu, edgewood
SCHOOL NEWS introducing blackboard library pages
SCHOOL NEWS fairmont's holiday generosity makes headlines

Monday-Friday, Dec. 20th-31st
Winter Break - No School

Monday, Jan. 3rd
School Reconvenes - Welcome Back!

Thursday, Jan. 6th
Junior Kindergarten to Ocean Institute 8:45-2:00 pm

Friday, Jan. 7th
Junior High Winter Formal Dance 6:00-9:00 pm

Monday, Jan. 10th
Parent Association Meeting at 8:30 am

Friday, Jan. 14th
Preschool visits with Dr. Sue Traveling Insects Zoo 10-11 am
Kindergarten to Amy's Farm 9-2 pm
Box Tops Due

Monday, Jan. 17th
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus

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