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Videos of the Week: ECPA Dunk Day - Mr. Powell Gets Dunked

First Grade Presentation
Mr. Leathem Introduces the First Graders to England
The first graders were presented with a slide show of fascinating pictures, maps, and vocabulary of England from Liam's dad. Mr. Leathem kept the students engaged not only with his slide presentation but also with his queried prompts to elicit answers! The first graders found the variance in vocabulary words quite fascinating, as Mr. Leathem chose words of interest for our young students.  Trainers, trolleys, and crisps may be words coming home from your child. Of course, there is nothing greater than treats or, "sweets," as they are known in England. We had a wonderful sampling of these delicious sweets brought straight from England for our enjoyment.

3rd Grade Presentation
We had the privilege of hosting an Australian teacher, Ms. Deidre, who resides in England to come to our classroom and speak about the land down under.  Students learned about the harsh climate of Australia and how growing up in Adelaide was hot and dry.  She also spoke on the native Australian animals such as the kangaroo, the platypus, the funnel spider, as well as the wombat.  She even gave our class a book!  The book is called Wombat Walkabout which is about a little wombat from Australia who loves to "dig and think."  On top of that, she brought in some typically Aussie food for us to sample.  Some liked the Vegemite, while most stuck with the yummy cookies. Mrs. Lottes' students walked away with a better understanding of the huge island (as they called it) of Australia.
Police Officer visits 1st Grade
On Monday, Oct. 25th, as a closure to the first grade studies about Community Helpers, they received a visit from Officer Bradbury of the Costa Mesa Police Department.  The first graders were able to learn about being a police officer and what it takes to be a wonderful contributor to all communities.  Their visit wouldn't have been complete without a trip outside to explore the inside of Officer Bradbury's police car!  Thank you, Officer Bradbury (and Miss Kim for sharing your sister with us)!

November Field Trips & Assemblies
8th Grade - Peer to Peer Day
Wednesday, Nov. 3rd
9:15-12:15 pm

Preschool - Big John Fire Truck
Friday, Nov. 5th
9:00-10:15 am

1st Grade - Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center
Monday, Nov. 8th
8:30-1:45 pm

6th Grade - Tessmann Planetarium, Santa Ana College
Monday, Nov. 8th
8:45-11:30 am

Preschool - 8th Grade - Imagination Machine Assembly
Friday, Nov. 12th
9 am, 10 am, & 11 am

5th Grade - California Science Center
Tuesday, Nov. 16th
8:30-3:00 pm
Peer to Peer Day - 8th Graders
Edgewood Peer-to-Peer Day @ Fairmont Prep - Wednesday, Nov. 3rd
9 am - 12:30 pm

8th grade students will be transported to the Prep by bus from Edgewood and will be guided by Prep Student Ambassadors as they experience first-hand what it's like to be a Husky both in and out of the classroom.  Faculty, counselors, administrators and coaches will be on hand to welcome the Edgewood 8th grade class.  This event takes place during the Prep's annual Spirit Week activities leading up to our Homecoming game on Friday, November 5th.  Everyone is encouraged to dress according to theme which is the Happiest Homecoming on Earth!  Each day's theme is centered around a unique Disney attraction.  Wednesday, November 3rd is Haunted Mansion Day and students may dress up as zombies, vampires, ghosts or the scariest apparel they can find. Lunch will be provided and students will get to participate in fun lunchtime activities including our very own Haunted Mansion in the Prep gym before returning back to the Edgewood campus at 12:30 pm. 

Edgewood parents are invited to attend our Peer-to-Peer Day Parent hour which will take place in the Prep library from 9 - 10 am only.  There, parents will be served a continental breakfast and hear from Headmaster Mr. Mendoza, Counselors, Prep parents, students and administrators. 

This is a great event for those who couldn't make it to Prep Info. Night.  Please RSVP to Sylvanda Edwards, Admissions Counselor at the Prep at 

Tech Tuesdays @ Edgewood
Tuesday, Nov. 2nd
8:10-8:45 am
Room 117

Promethean Board
Tuesday, Nov. 9th
8:30-9:00 am
Grade Level Classrooms

Edgewood is a tech savvy campus, and we are pleased to offer Tech Tuesdays to Edgewood parents in order to provide them with a better understanding of the programs Edgewood teachers and staff use daily.

The Tech Tuesday classes will include: Blackboard, Net Classroom, Social Media (Fairmont Website, Facebook, Flickr, Fairmont Blog, eNewsletter), AR, AM, and Promethean Board presentations on the dates above. See you there!


Wednesday, Nov. 3rd
8th Grade Peer to Peer Day @ Fairmont Preparatory Academy

Friday, Nov. 5th
Shortened Day - Early Dismissal

Monday, Nov. 8th
Parent Association Meeting at 8:30 am
1st Grade Field Trip to Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center
6th Grade Field Trip to Tessmann Planetarium, Santa Ana College

Thursday, Nov. 11th
Veteran's Day - No School

Friday, Nov. 12th
ECPA Fall Fundraiser - Parent Night Out 6-9 pm
Imagination Machine Assemblies sponsored by ECPA
P4-1st at 9 am, 2nd-5th at 10 am, and 6th-8th at 11 am

Saturday, Nov. 13th

UCA Southern California Cheer Regional @ UCI

Tuesday, Nov. 16th
5th Grade to California Science Center

Wednesday, Nov. 17th

Picture Makeup Day

Friday, Nov. 19th & Saturday, Nov. 20th
7th Grade Show "Snoopy" at 7 pm

Contributed by Jonna, Edgewood Campus 

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