Tuesday, September 21

BOOK REPORT anaheim hills librarian gets us thinking

The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein
Fairmont Reading Level: 2.6
AR Points: 0.5 pts

Shel Silverstein's classic story about a boy and an apple tree has been interpreted in many different ways since it was first published in 1964.  See what you and your kids make of the tale.  Here's a synopsis: The boy comes every day to play under the apple tree's branches, climb her trunk and eat her apples.  The boy loves the tree and she loves him in return.  As the boy grows older, he comes to visit the tree less often and when he does come he always wants something from the tree.  Displaying a never-ending generosity of spirit, the tree always gives whatever she can to the boy she loves without question (sound familiar moms and dads?!).  The simple gift of giving to someone she loves brings her joy.  The boy's visits become less frequent and his demands grow greater. In the end, they find a way to make one another happy unconditionally.

Contributed by Vicky, Anaheim Hills campus

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